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My name is Wade Talley, and in this life, I have been privileged to be a son, a brother, a grandson, an uncle, a friend, a teacher and a coach, but perhaps the roles for which I am most grateful to fulfill here on earth are as a husband and a father. Marriage and fatherhood have taught me many important lessons about myself, about love for others, and most importantly about God and my true purpose here on earth-to lead others to heaven, especially my wife and chilren. So, please allow me to share a little bit about how this album came about.

I grew up on a farm near Corning, Kansas, the second oldest of four children. My parents taught me to respect all people and to work hard at whatever I do, whether it was homework, performing chores or playing basketball. In 1997, I married my high school sweetheart. I was 20; she was 19. Ten months later, we were blessed with our first child. We now have seven amazing children on this earth and twin girls in heaven. We lost the twins 20 weeks into the pregnancy. Lexi and Leslie were precious, fully human, and absolutely beautiful as are all of God’s children. I share this with you because it’s at that time this project truly began.

A few months after their deaths, I was on my way home from school, when I felt a deep desire to play my guitar. This time was different though as I felt compelled to keep pen and paper beside me as I played. It was unlike anything I had experienced before, and about 90 minutes later, I had written my first song, A Few Minutes of Eternity. Since then I have written a variety of songs that I love to sing for people. These songs have had nuns dancing on a stage at a youth rally, and they have had people crying in pews. The most emotional songwriting experience I have ever had happened a few years ago. One of my best friends, who is also a family member, lost his 3-year-old daughter due to complications with an illness. I was a teacher at that time, and I decided to take my guitar to school with me the day after her passing. During my planning period and lunch hour, I wrote Ava’s Song otherwise titled Even God Needs Children in Heaven. I spent a lot of that day in tears and felt so moved by the Holy Spirit. This past year I have felt a deep desire to do more with my music, and it was recommended to me by a friend to send some demos off to Icon Studios in Indiana. I did just that, and now we are ready to share with you! The songs on the album all center on themes of faith and family. They speak of being a husband and a father as well as how to get through hard times. My goals for this project were simply to share with others what God has given to me and to teach my children to pursue their God-given dreams, no matter the costs. I want to thank you all for your support, financially and spiritually. May God bless you.



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About Triplestrand Productions

Triplestrand Productions Radio Airplay Promotions offer great value for money for the Independent Country Artist .Unlike many Compilation CD companies Triplestrand asks only a modest per track fee not the $100's that many others look for. Plus you can rely on the fact that your song will be in good company as every song submitted is reviewed prior to insertion on a cd .This method of Quality control puts Triplestrand in good stead as many DJ's & Music Directors have commented on the consistent quality contained on TSP discs, Our discs service 100's of DJ's worldwide and are sent out every Calendar month .Tracks are limited to a maximum of 20 tracks per disc with a 2 track maximum per artist so no one artist can dominate any given CD .We try to keep the playing field as level as possible for everybody .We also endeavor to ensure that each CD contains a good mix of all Country sub genre's (Traditional,New Country, Gospel Bluegrass etc ) so that DJ's are not struggling to accomodate playing tracks . Most CD's contain a majority of original material though occaisionally we do allow a cover song ( only if all releases have been obtained by the artist ) under no circumstances will we included un cleared material for copyright purposes . Triplestrand also states that we will now or ever never claim the rights to any material submitted these will remain the sole possesion of the artist or copyright holder our CD's are strictly promotional and on a non- exclusive basis .Artists are free to do whatever they wish with their material outside of Triplestrand at any time . During our first year of promotions Triplestrand Productions ammassed over 50,000 plays on Radio for Artists utilising our promotional services

Triplestrand Productions Compilation CD's

 The cost of getting your music on a TSP comp CD is minimal just $110 per track . For this you get included on the next  / current  Vol , which will be sent out usually mid month to DJ's for inclusion in their stations rotation. You will also receive a copy of the CD that you are featured on by mail . Your track will automatically be included in the playlist rotation of our own Radio Shows which are produced weekly and syndicated with an ever growing number of stations most of which do not use current Comp CDs. We will construct a multi page mini website where potential fans can get to know a bit about you and hear songs that possibly are not on our CDs widening your appeal. full contact info will be presented on your mini site and linkage to your own Website ( if you have one) and ifo on where to buy your cd if you have one for sale .. If you haven't got a website this alone will increase your web presence immensely making it easier for people to get to know who you are which in turn increases the likelyhood of actual CD sales. So if you are interested give us a call and see if we can help get your music heard TODAY !!!








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